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Always Meet New People

- Less Time Working Your Event and More Time Networking.
- No Long Waiting Lines at The Front Door.
- Self Check-in Enabled With App & Beacons.

Networkr Makes the Connections for You
You'll be connected to the people at your table.
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History of Assigned Seating

- Remember who was at your table with their information to continue building the relationship.
- Keep a history of events you've attended.
- See all the rounds you were apart of and who was in them.

See your connections grow with time.
We also have connection analytics to show how your connections grow over time.
See How History Works ->Talk to an Event Expert

Track Your Relationship Levels

- Automatically connect to those in the room. Use levels of relationship to determine how well you know them.
- Networkr makes the whole room a Level 0 and your table a level 1.
- Networkr uses this information to help you keep meeting new people.

Opportunity Optimized
Set levels on people you know to focus on meeting people you don't.
How Levels Work ->Talk to an Event Expert

Interact With People You've Connected With

- Through the profiles of others you can contact, set reminders, refer leads, and send thank you's to your connections.
- Set up privacy on your contact information so only certain relationship levels and see them.
- Message people in the app and create a conversation in the backchannels.

Making it easy to stay connected
Using our WordPress plugin adds another layer of social communication.
How Reminders Work ->Talk to an Event Expert

RSVP to Local Networking Events

- Easily see all the local networking events that you can attend to continue creating and growing relationships.
- Follow groups in the app and be notified when an event is created.
- View global virtual and in-person events as well.

Want more opportunities?
Go in and follow more groups.
How to RSVP ->Talk to an Event Expert

Networkr Reminds You of Upcoming Events

- Receive email, text, and push notification invites to RSVP and be reminded of the events you are RSVP'd to.
- View on and Google's event search..
- Get push notifications an hour before the meeting starts.

Opportunity Targeting
Get notified when someone your targeting RSVPs.
How Notifications Work ->Talk to an Event Expert

Event happening soon?

We are here to help make your next networking event run smoothly.
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