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We're on a mission to improve Networking as we know it.

Networkr is Free for Groups & Members.

You can upload your contacts and send out RSVPs for your next event through Email, Text, and Push notifications.

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Sponsoring Events in Networkr

Sponsors can make a minimum bid of $1/attendee to sponsor an event. Sponsors are only charged for successful advertising message delivery via text, email, and the mobile app. All Sponsorship revenue is split with the group who created the event.

Creating Revenue with Networkr


Create an Event


Choose Your Sponsor


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Group Pricing

Groups FREE Networkr Pro Beta $50/mo White Label Custom
Manage Groups
Create Public Events
Speed Networking Options
Open Networking Options
Easy Event Checkin
No user limit
Paid Event Fee $.99/Ticket $.99/Ticket $.99/Ticket
Text, E-mail, and Push Notification
RSVP & Reminders
Create Sponsorship Revenue
CSV Import/Export
Networkr Pro
Relationship Analytics
Members Only Events
Sub Groups / Chapters
API Integration
Custom Content Add-on available
Branded App Showing
Approved Groups & Events
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