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Group Pricing

Networkr Pro Features for Groups
Multi-round Speed Networking
Members Only Private Events
Sub Groups / Chapters
API Integration
Global Events
Text Message Notifications
Networkr Wordpress Plug-in
Full Event Support
*We charge a $.99 transaction fee or 2% if it's over $50 for event ticket purchases and membership subscriptions using our app and WordPress Plugin.

Networkr Pro for Groups

Get all the Pro features for your group. This includes support for your events and  WordPress Plugin.
Feel free to contact us with help putting on your first event.
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Networkr App

Networkr is Free for Groups & Members.
View Profiles of Those You've Met
Set Privacy Information
Message Others
Send & Receive Thank You's, and Referrals
Networkr Events App

White Label Apps are Available 

User Pricing

Power Networkr Features for Users
Create Follow-up Reminders
Event Connection Statistics
Access Full History
Networking Analytics
Advanced Targeting
Opportunity Notifications

Power Networkr for Users

Become a Power Networkr and get tools and insights that will increase your networking ROI.

Networkr App

Networkr is Free for Groups & Members.
View Profiles of Those You've Met
Set Privacy Information
Message Others
Networkr Events App
Networkr CRM

CRM Pricing

Networkr CRM Features
Send Email & Text Campaigns
Setup Sales Pipelines
Create Automated Workflows
API Integration
Includes 10,000 Emails Monthly*
Includes 1,000 Texts Monthly*
Landing Pages
Branded Emails from your domain name**
*We charge at costs any additional texts and emails that are used over the monthly included amounts.
**After signup you'll receive instructions on updating your DNS records to send emails from your domain.

Networkr CRM

Perfect for Groups, associations, and small businesses.
Schedule help if you have questions that need answering.
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Need help??

CRM Systems can be a big task to setup.
We offer support in setting up your automations to work for you.

Contact us and let's setup a time to talk.
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CRM Setup

Networkr Pro + CRM

Bundle & Save with Everything your group needs to succeed with a discount.


Networkr Websites
We custom quote our websites.
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Website Design

Please contact us to receive a custom quote.
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Networkr Wordpress Plugin

Requires that you are a Networkr Pro subscriber to use. A email link with the Download will be sent to you upon signup.

Included in Networkr Pro



Networkr Testimonials

  • John O.

    ... I am constantly using Networkr on a weekly basis. I have access to my entire network with one click of a button. Networkr is an amazing tool.

    Jay H.

    ...This app is amazing! It has every networking event, lunch, activity in the state and is growing rapidly. This takes all the legwork and hassle out of figuring out what is going on.

    Randy B.

    Try the Networkr App! I just installed it today and there are great groups near me.

  • Roger C.

    Networkr has already been an integral part of my business networking group, helping improve my professionalism. It has provided the members of the group with a tool to network and stay connected.

    Brandon H.

    This app is going to change the way you meet and build real relationships. I love that it tracks the people I am meeting and allows me to set levels of relationships so I am always meeting new people. Im excited to see what it can do for my business.

    Dayna B.

    I love that I can see the different networking groups in my city. This app makes it so easy to keep track of the people I meet and where I meet them.

  • Lark T.

    I love the Networkr app, I always go back to it to look up names and information of people I have met at an event. It eliminates having to collect endless business cards!

    Guy V.

    I enjoy that I can connect with the people at the meeting and then have their contact info on the app. It makes it so easy to refer others when I have their info at my fingertips!

    Mathew F.

    I've used it to CONNECT with some awesome people.

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Better Networking
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