Levels Of Relationship

Step 1

From the home screen press the “Connections” button located at the bottom of the screen. The default list will show all of your connections from 0 to 4’s.

Step 2

To change the relationship level of one of your peers you can click on the LVL number next to their name.

Step 3

Set the level of your relationship with that person. 0 is a peer or someone who has attended an event with you. When you sit at a table Networkr will automatically assign a level 1 to those who are sitting next to you. It’s important to note that Networkr depends on your relationship levels to make sure you are meeting new people and buildingĀ  relationships. Keeping your levels up to date will guarantee you have the best networking experience possible.

Step 4

Once a relationship level is assigned you will note that each person will now be listed with others who have been assigned the same relationship status. Review these lists and move people up as you get to know them better.

Step 5

You can view each list by relationship level by pressing the LVL buttons located just below the contacts screen. As you can see Brandon went from a level 0 to a level 4.