Increase connections & create more opportunities for your attendees

Use our Relationship Seating Algorithm to create the best networking and connecting events out there. Help your attendees grow relationships and their business.

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What Does Networkr Do?

Helps run your events

Everything you've dreamed of and more! Send event invites and collect registrations. Send out reminders in text message, email and push notifications. Create a RSVP list and check them into your event to connect with others.

We will assign the seating!!!

Networkr will assign seats using our algorithm so everyone has an opportunity to connect and meet new people. Once an attendee has checked-in, Networkr will send a text and show them what table they should go to next.

Connects your attendees

Attendees will receive their networking and connection history with the people they sat next to during the event. Users can also protect their privacy by using levels of relationships that are able to control who has access to their contact information.

Extends your website

Using our Wordpress plugin and API you'll be able to sync events and charge for tickets and subscriptions via your website. With Networkr's single sign-on, you can create membership areas by membership level and sync business and profile information.

Markets your Events

Your events will be available as a private, public or invite-only inside our Networkr community. We will also inform local attendees when a networking event & opportunity are available to them based on RSVP.
Increasing your attendees & membership leads.

And Much More...

Using Networkr as your Group's dedicated app will create more connections and relationships then ever before. Event Sponsorships & App White Labels are available.

Networking Events
Speed Networking
Golf Events

Works for all types of groups

Professional, breakfast, lunch, structured, not-structured, speed networking, masterminds, trainings, conferences, expos, charity, golf, retreat, chambers, influencers, free, membership and more.

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How does it work?

Using Networkr is easy! Just create an event and check-in your attendees. Networkr does the rest!

What is your event's Check-in style?

  • Check-in by person/receptionist
  • Self Check-in by text/QR-code
  • Self Check-in table placements
  • Self Check-in inside app
  • Self Check-in event Beacons/Geo-Fence
  • Or have the seating ready before the event

Choose one or use them all, we got you covered!

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*We love self check-in, and so will you!


Manage your events

Networkr has all the tools and options ready to use out of the box to make your events amazing!

Easy to edit

Manage your RSVPs

Easily send out and add RSVPS to your event.
CSV upload available

Upload files

Set Connecting Options

How Networkr will connect your attendees.

Control schedule

Manage Tables

Quickly be able to manage attendee tables and seating during your event.

Mark tasks

Create Multiple Rounds

Multi-round events for even more connecting.

Here's the Proof?

Networkr launched in Oct 2017 out of St. George, Utah. Making more connections now then ever. Here is what we've done so far.

Real People Solutions

Networkr can be used in all the places people meet. It's easy to setup and use to help create break out groups and ensure everyone gets an opportunity to meet others.

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Speed Networking Events

Speed Networking

Use our relationship seating algorithm to help your members meet new people and build new relationships at every event no matter if you have 1 round or several rounds of connecting!

Open Seated Events

Events with Open Seating

Allow your attendees to sit where they want and give them the ability to see and connect with others in the room via Networkr.

Conference Events


Help your attendees find the people they’ve met during your event and allow them to connect and grow those relationships outside of the event.

Wordpress Integration

Wordpress Integration

Turn your website into your groups hub by using our Wordpress plugin that creates a members area that is accessible via your website and our app. Charge subscriptions, display content, sync events and profile directory information based on membership level and more. Learn More

Employee Networking

Corporate/Employee Networking

Help network your employees and departments to help increase innovation by using our seating algorithm to create new relationships at work.

Online Networking

Virtual Networking

Networkr helps connect attendees virtually and assigns break out rooms to help create more connections. View our Virtual Guide

School Projects

Class Rooms

Create class groups easily and let Networkr keep the groups fresh with new people each time a group project is assigned.

Power Your Community with our Wordpress Plugin!

Networkr makes it easy to create relationship based communities with all your group's data in your control.

Create Subscriptions

Create Subscriptions

Create recurring subscriptions via Stripe and offer them to your attendees during checkout.

Single Sign-on Members Areas

Single Sign-on Members Areas

Allow attendees to use the same login on Networkr as your website. Making it easy to use with without mutiple passwords and logins. Customize your members area the way you want. Using membership levels to hide and show content & pages.

Sync membership data

Sync Events, Businesses & Profiles

Chose to have SEO driven pages and business profiles or hide them behind a login to view profiles and other pages on your site.

Integrate CRM

Integrate with your own CRM

It's easy to customize so that RSVPs and profile data syncs with your own CRM. Customizations are avaliable. Hubspot Supported.

Integrate CRM

Create Conversations and Posts

Create user engagement via your website and access posts and replies via the app, with all data saved on your website.

Help is on the way!

Don't go it alone! Our team is here to help you succeed every step of the way.

Some Good News! Very Important!!!

  • Attendees don't require an account to join your networking events, only a mobile phone number is required to join & receive table assignments. When attendees download the app after the event their connection & event history will show up ready to use.
  • Making Check-in Easy!
  • Making New Connections Easy!
  • Making New Opportunities Everywhere!

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Check out how Networkr works and how to use it.

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