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Event Organizers

Networkr has a full suite of tool to help you invite and put on the best networking events.

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Create events and send out invites to your members. Categories Include:

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Our simple check in process will help eliminate any long check in lines. Members with the app gets checked in automatically when they show up to the event.

Guests give you their cell phone number. Our app texts them a event registration form and it collects their information without a long check in process.

Assigned seating events with numbers at the tables works by the following:

  1. Attendees check in and participate in a open-mingle.
  2. Once enough people checked in, the group organizer starts the event.
  3. A text message goes out to everyone with what table they are assigned.
  4. Attendees sit at the tables and meet new people they wouldn't have otherwise met.

Once the event starts and the group organizer saves the attendee list. Everyone becomes connected.

Group members get a level 0 connection of everyone who is at the event. And everyone at their table becomes a level 1.

Guests get a level 1 connection with everyone at their table. But not everyone in the room. (Providing an incentive for them to become members.)

With integration of Stripe groups can create paid for events and sell tickets inside of Networkr. Attendees can pay for lunches or training events. The funds are then transferred into your bank account with-in 2 business days.

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