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All the tools to grow your events

Networkr Events App

Our Events App helps create and put on powerful networking events.
Using our seating AI you can guarantee your visitors will always meet new people at your events and have access to everyone else that attended. 
It's super easy to check attendees in and assign them seats during your networking event.

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Networkr Websites

Using the customizability of WordPress, we create powerful membership-driven websites for networking groups and associations.
Our proprietary WordPress plugin will sync all events, profiles, and businesses. Creates a branded checkout for your attendees to RSVP, and manage membership subscriptions. Syncing everything into your CRM.

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Networkr CRM

Our CRM helps your group or association grow faster than ever before.
Set up automation, pipelines, and triggers that help turn guests into members. Send an email, and text out RSVP invites to your contacts. One place to be the source of truth for all your memberships and sales reports, with our easy, turn-key solution.

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Works for all types of groups

Professional, breakfast, lunch, structured, not-structured, speed networking, masterminds, training, conferences, expos, charity, golf, retreat, chambers, influencers, free, membership, and more.

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Networkr Testimonials

  • John O.

    ... I am constantly using Networkr on a weekly basis. I have access to my entire network with one click of a button. Networkr is an amazing tool.

    Jay H.

    ...This app is amazing! It has every networking event, lunch, activity in the state and is growing rapidly. This takes all the legwork and hassle out of figuring out what is going on.

    Randy B.

    Try the Networkr App! I just installed it today and there are great groups near me.

  • Roger C.

    Networkr has already been an integral part of my business networking group, helping improve my professionalism. It has provided the members of the group with a tool to network and stay connected.

    Brandon H.

    This app is going to change the way you meet and build real relationships. I love that it tracks the people I am meeting and allows me to set levels of relationships so I am always meeting new people. Im excited to see what it can do for my business.

    Dayna B.

    I love that I can see the different networking groups in my city. This app makes it so easy to keep track of the people I meet and where I meet them.

  • Lark T.

    I love the Networkr app, I always go back to it to look up names and information of people I have met at an event. It eliminates having to collect endless business cards!

    Guy V.

    I enjoy that I can connect with the people at the meeting and then have their contact info on the app. It makes it so easy to refer others when I have their info at my fingertips!

    Mathew F.

    I've used it to CONNECT with some awesome people.

How does it work?

Using Networkr is easy! Just create an event and check-in your attendees. Networkr does the rest!
What is your event's Check-in style?
Check-in by person/receptionist
Self Check-in by text/QR-code
Self Check-in table placements
Self Check-in inside app
Self Check-in event Beacons/Geo-Fence
Or have the seating ready before the event
Choose one or use them all, we got you covered!
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Networkr Events App

Manage your events

Networkr has all the tools and options ready to use out of the box to make your events amazing!
Manage your RSVPs
Easily send out and add RSVPS to your event. CSV upload available
Set Connecting Options
How Networkr will connect your attendees.
Manage Tables
Quickly be able to manage attendee tables and seating during your event.
Create Multiple Rounds
Multi-round events for even more connecting.
New Relationships Started
Total Connections
Networking Events
Relationship Focused Groups
US Cities and Counting

Real People Solutions

Networkr can be used in all the places people meet. It's easy to setup and use to help create break out groups and ensure everyone gets an opportunity to meet others.
Have an event happening soon? We can help.
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Speed Networking

Use our relationship seating algorithm to help your members meet new people and build new relationships at every event no matter if you have 1 round or several rounds of connecting!

Events with Open Seating

Allow your attendees to sit where they want and give them the ability to see and connect with others in the room via Networkr.


Help your attendees find the people they’ve met during your event and allow them to connect and grow those relationships outside of the event.

Wordpress Integration

Turn your website into your groups hub by using our Wordpress plugin that creates a members area that is accessible via your website and our app. Charge subscriptions, display content, sync events and profile directory information based on membership level and more. 

Corporate/Employee Networking

Help network your employees and departments to help increase innovation by using our seating algorithm to create new relationships at work.

Virtual Networking

Networkr helps connect attendees virtually and assigns break out rooms to help create more connections. View our Virtual Guide

Class Rooms

Turn your website into your groups hub by using our Wordpress plugin that creates a members area that is accessible via your website and our app. Charge subscriptions, display content, sync events and profile directory information based on membership level and more. 

Our Checkout will WOW your guests!

Power Your Community with our Wordpress Plugin!

Create Subscriptions

Create recurring subscriptions via Stripe and offer them to your attendees during checkout.

Single Sign-on Members Areas

Allow attendees to use the same login on Networkr as your website. Making it easy to use without multiple passwords and logins. Customize your member's area the way you want. Using membership levels to hide and show content & pages.

Sync Events, Businesses & Profiles

Chose to have SEO driven pages and business profiles or hide them behind a login to view profiles and other pages on your site.

Integrate with your own CRM

It's easy to customize so that RSVPs and profile data syncs with your own CRM. Customizations are avaliable. Hubspot Supported.

Create Conversations and Posts

Create user engagement via your website and access posts and replies via the app, with all data saved on your website.

Tools to automate your marketing

Grow your business/association with the help of automated tools

Setup Automated Workflows

More systems, less manual work marketing your business, events, memberships, and more.

Keep track of Members, Guests, and Customers

Networkr CRM is great at keeping track of all your customer lists and is ready whenever you need to send a campaign out.

Create sales pipelines that systemize your onboarding processes

Have a sales team? They can work out of Networkr CRM to make sure no one falls through the cracks.

Send Emails & Text Messages

We set up your CRM to send out of your custom domain email address and unique phone number upon purchase.

Available for Groups and Small Businesses 

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Help is on the way!

Don't go it alone! Our team is here to help you succeed every step of the way.
Some Good News! Very Important!!!
Attendees don't require an account to join your networking events

Only a mobile phone number is required to join & receive table assignments. When attendees download the app after the event their connection & event history will show up ready to use.

Making Check-in Easy!
Making New Connections Easy!
Making New Opportunities Everywhere!

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Better Networking
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