Tag Management

Step 1

After logging in select the group you want to manage.

Step 2

Click on the “Members” tab under your group. This will show all of the members in your group.

Step 3

To create tags click on the “Manage Tags” button.

Tags can help you manage your members into different groups or subscription levels. Once levels are created you can send e-mails or notifications to specific members of your organization using their tags.


Step 4

Create as many tags as you need for your group. I have created two here.

Step 5

Once your tags are created right click on the “options” tab on the far right side of the member you want to add a tag to.

Step 6

Select the tag/s you want to apply to that member and close the window when you’re done.

Step 8

Repeat this process to add tags to the members of your group.

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