Web – Member Management

Step 1

Login to Networkr using a web browser and click on your group.

Step 2

Click on the “Members” tab under your group to see your current member profiles.

Member Search

To search for a specific member you can type in their name in the “Search” window


To edit a member you can click on the “Option” tab located to the far right side of the person’s profile. This will give you the following options:

Manage Tags – Add or edit the tags for a specific member.

Remove Member – This will delete the person from your group.

Convert To Member – This option will allow you to change a guest to a member.

Convert To Guest – This option will change the member to a guest.

Edit Industries -Add or edit the industry of a member.



Click on the “Edit Industries” tab to add or modify the industry options for a member. Close the window when you’re done.


Click on the “Manage Tags” option to add a tag to one of your groups members. Close the window when you’re done.