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The Benefits of Networkr

Networkr comes with everything needed to Grow and Build Relationships.

Always meet new people at events.
Sits you by new people with its advance relationship algorithm.
Tracks who you've met and your level of relationships.
Keeps a history of all your networking activities.
Add private notes.
Schedule reminders and appointments with contacts.
Send and receive referrals and thank you's for close business.
Send individual and group messages.
Find, join, and RSVP for local networking events.
Reminds you of upcoming events via push, text, and email.
Pay for events(like lunches) in the app or email.

What's Included for Organizers

Networkr comes with everything needed to put on a networking event.

Manage Events

Upload a .CSV with your members. Create events and send out invites to your members.

Automated Event Check-In

Our simple check in process will help eliminate any long check in lines. Members with the app check in automatically when they show up to the event.

Assigned Seating

Using table numbers, Networkr will assign your members seats with new people every-time.

Connect All Attendee's

Give your attendees the power to follow up and keep track of those they have met during networking.

Collect Payments

Take payments for Networking lunches, and events.