Partnership Program

Networkr offers groups a partnership in helping create a better networking events and experiences.

Share in revenue generated from Networkr User subscriptions on those who attend your events.

Your commitment:

  • Fill out the partner application below.
  • Pay a $100/yr partner membership fee and sign our partner agreement.
  • Use Networkr at your events.
  • Help in making sure profiles get updated to help other networkers.

The Benefit:

  • Share in a 50/50 revenue split on in-app user subscriptions on those who attended your event and purchase inside the Networkr app.
  • Earn yearly recurring revenue to help improve your events.
  • Give your members more connecting tools to improve networking.

White Labels:

  • Any white-label in-app purchase will be split 50/50 with the white label owner.
  • a 10% discount will apply to all user subscriptions inside a white label.

Partnership Application