Principle #5 Measuring Your Relationships

One of the most important aspects to business and personal fitness is establishing a baseline or a measurement for which future outcomes can be measured. Once there is an understanding of where you are you can then measure future outcomes against it.

Relationships, in much the same way, need to have a baseline in order for us to know where we need to focus our efforts. We need to understand the level of our relationships with others so we know where we need to focus our efforts in order to grow and develop those relationships into something more personal. In order to do this Networkr has established five levels of relationship that you can use to accomplish this very thing. Let’s talk about each level in detail.

Level 0 – Level zero are your peers. These are individuals you have seen at an event but have never really had a chance to meet. You may know their name or recognize their face but you really don’t know much else.

Level 1 – Level one is a person you have met. You may have had a chance to sit at a table with them and you know their name, what they do and a little bit about them as a person. You still don’t know much about their personal life but have, at the very least, been introduced to one another in some way.

Level 2 – Level two are people you know and perhaps the most important level of relationship in Networking.  Level two people are individuals with whom you have a personal relationship with. They are people you know things about like their likes and dislikes, hobbies, work, family, etc. There is a personal connection there as opposed to a superficial one that may exist in the level one sphere.

Level 3 – Level three are people that you know and trust. At this point in the relationship there aren’t a lot of barriers in the way. These are individuals with whom you have a personal connection with. You trust them and know the kind of work that they do. There is a level of vulnerability here which may not exist in a level two relationship. Level three people are your friends and people you trust and confide in at a personal level.

Level 4 – The raving fan. Level four people are the best of the best in your circle of influence. These are your friends, those you know and trust completely, and who share those sentiments for you as well.

As you identify the level of relationship you have with each person you meet you can maximize your networking efforts by establishing stronger relationships with those who you don’t know very well and nurture the relationships with those individuals that you you do know. As you do so you will see more referrals and opportunities to grow your business.