Frequently Asked Questions

Networkr Users

Can I transfer my contacts and calendar events to my phone?

Yes, We have made is really easy for you to be able to transfer your contacts and all contact info straight to your phone’s contacts, and calendar.

How do I get my networking group to use Networkr?

If you are in a group who is not using Networkr it’s time to get them to join. It’s free and will improve their organization tremendously so just tell them to download the app and we’ll take care of the rest.

Can I bring guests with me to the networking events?

Most networking groups encourage members to bring guests with them so that their network expands. Some groups can set their events to private so that only their members can attend, so you will have to see event description.

Will I ever be charged through Networkr?

No. Networkr services are free to users and group administrators.

Can I create a networking group?

Creating a group with Networkr is easy and free. Click here for detailed instructions on how to create yours and unleash the power of Networkr in your organization.

How does Networkr know who I have already connected with?

We have developed a seating algorithm that accounts for all of the people at a networking event and how many of those you have already connected with and makes sure you are sitting with new connections every time.

Does Networkr use my Location when I am not using the app?

No, Networkr only uses your location when you are using the app. This is used for our handshake feature.

My Handshake feature doesn’t work.

Make sure that your location services is on and you have the most up-to-date version of the app

Networkr Groups

Can I send event invitations through the Networkr App?

Yes. Once you “Publish” your event notifications will be sent to the members of your group. They can RSVP to your event directly from the Networkr app.

When planning a seating arrangement will I have to notify the guest where they sit or with the app do that?

Networkr will notify the member of all important information related to the event, they will know where they sit and also with who.

Can I make an event private, for my board of directors, or council meetings?

Yes, all you have to do is select the event as a private event and it will be visible only to the members of your organization.

Am I stuck in a contract with Networkr

No, You can cancel at any time.

I have a problem getting guests consistently attending my events, how can Networkr Help.

Networkr keeps track of who is attending your events which can help you focus on who in your group needs more attention. We also have an in-app messaging system that makes it really easy for you to contact your members.

Can I alter the seating chart that Networkr makes for my events?

Yes. You can remove tables or manually seat people through our app. Click here to learn how.

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