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Users cannot create events without first subscribing to one of our Group Organizer Plans. Click here to see our plans.

Group Organizers can create an event from the App by clicking on the 'Events' button in the lower navigation, then "+", then "Create Event". Then simply fill out your groups information and save it.

We have fully integrated the Stripe payment platform to handle all of your event payment needs. During your initial signup you will be promted to fill in the needed info to connect to Stripe from within the Networkr app. Once your information has been submitted it will take approx. 24hrs. to complete the setup and you'll be able to then take credit card payments for all of your events within Networkr.

App.networkr.io is our web app and it's where you can upload your member csv. Simply login with the same login you use for the app then click on the 'Member Upload' button on the left. You will be able t see the prgress of your member upload until complete when you'll have the chance to review everything and save it into the Networkr system.

For users Networkr is completely FREE. If you want to create groups and events our plans range from $24.99 per month to $249.99 per month depending on the size of your member base.

The live chat below is the fastest easiest way to get your questions answered from 6am-6pm Monday thru Friday. Phone support is live from 9am-6pm Monday thru Friday and can be reached by calling 1-877-628-0123.

As an event organizer you can not only see the seating layout of your event through Networkr, but you can also view each attendees infomation as well.