College & University

Networking students in the classroom to build relationships
that will go with them into their careers.

Building Student Relationships

Create student groups using Networkr to networking the class.

  • Create Class Groups
  • Connect Your Students
  • Auto Sort Students into Groups
Student Events

Help Students Network

Help your students get to know their peers by using Networkr's seating algorithm to create more relationships and connections.

Event Check-in

Create Networking Rounds

Create new opportunities for your students by helping them meet as many students as possible by doing networking activities that builds relationships.

Speed Networking

Give Your Students a History

After Networking give your students the tools to help follow up and connect outside of the event and into the future.

Speed Networking Tools

Continue the Feature Tour

Learn how Networkr helps attendees connect and grow relationships.

Attendees Event-Kit

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Event Setup Guide
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Doing a virtual event?

Virtual Event Guide

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